# travel

Travel memories tend to be sweet mainly because the unsweet memories tend not to be photographed.  Travel photos for me, are a real challenge as there are so many superb travel photos out there. This collection is somewhat random and I wish I knew I would one day make this blog – I would have worked harder! The places below include Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy, where we hired a house for a month, a trip with a group of wonderful friends to Turkey, a superb time in Jordan and Syria, and a long awaited look at Morocco. This collection is a work in progress – somewhat incomplete but on its way.

~ by juliebyrnes on February 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “# travel”

  1. Love your photojournalism. Photography is a great joy and brings back lovely memories through the years.

  2. We took an apartment in Montepulciano for 2 weeks in 2004, I knew some of the pics looked familiar! Lovely 🙂

    • What a co-incidence! We were in a farm house just outside the hill and you would know of Il Sasso – the language school in the town on the RHS coming down the hill in the main street. Went there for two weeks trying to infuse the language into my tiny brain. Gorgeous place – loved every minute.

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