# berlin

Berlin with a capital B. Need another trip here just to photograph and get “into” Berlin. This first trip was awesome and the camera was decidely overcome by the incredible array of architecture and the sheer innovative qualities of the city. At the same time – incredibly poignant – the war memorial, the Jewish Museum, the stepping stones on pavement in brass outside what were people’s houses commemorating those taken to prison camps, the remains of the Berlin wall crossing streets, warrant far better than I have attempted – but – do so want to do it again.

~ by juliebyrnes on February 9, 2012.

One Response to “# berlin”

  1. I’ve seen great Berlin pictures on your blog and some nice street photography sessions too! Really a good job!
    I share these two passions and I’m trying to collect and share pictures and advices on my little blog. Maybe you may find some useful tips before your second trip to this wonderful town!

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