Bangkok Streets

A stop over on the way to Spain and what a stop over. Gotta love this place. There is not  a moment when an emotion is not aroused, the bold, the beautiful, the ugly, the curious (try car headlights with eyelashes), the smells, the kindness, the poverty, the wealth it’s all here.  8 million people in this city with approximately 5 million cars – where have all the tuck tucks gone? Guess.

~ by juliebyrnes on May 19, 2012.

5 Responses to “Bangkok Streets”

  1. Some wonderful photos here, Julie. I’m running a travel-themed photo challenge, would love you to join in if you’re interested. xxx Ailsa

  2. Wondering what you’ve been up to! Updates from your old site not working.
    Great pics of Bangkok. Look forward to seeing more.

    • My goodness, you wouldn’t want to know where I have been. Mum mainly. How is the ankle? DB & I away for a month and will be walking in Marjorca. In Bangkok for a few days. Do hope you are up and away again. Just keeping this blog now.

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