# Walking in Majorca – seriously!

Little did we know- walking meant serious hiking. We signed up for a walk. The idea was to walk between villages for 6 days with delight of delights, the bags being ferried for us. So we were left to toddle with excellent maps, walking sticks, water and lunch. the plan -Banybafor to Esporles to Valdemossa, to Port de Soller to Soller. Some of the best Majorca has to offer.

No toddle, up mountain goat paths, hot, stony, above the tree line but worth it. The effort is translated as license to feast on Spanish goodies from tapas to almond cake and everything in between. There are not many images of the actual trails as we are too busy navigating and really, the best images come from the strange sights we see in the streets.

Tourists come here for the sun and thus must wear gear for that purpose or not wear gear. Are there some sights – we are left open mouthed. The people parade is fascinating. The villages and their dry stone walls, pale, delicate ochres, and fruit trees are captivating. There is also time to pop in to local markets, check out the cheese sections in the supermarkets and drink lots of coffee on terraces under grape vines!

~ by juliebyrnes on May 29, 2012.

One Response to “# Walking in Majorca – seriously!”

  1. Some …err … great sights there. It looks hot, and that blue sea so near and yet so far.

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