# Escape from “Death by Food” in San Sebastian, Spain

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San Sebastian is famous for its tapas – actually known as pinxtos in this Basque area. We thought we had narrowly escaped death already by over consumption of tapas in other parts but little did we know that torture was yet to come. What is a person supposed to do when confronted with 20 types of pinxtos  arranged along the bar  – with every bar having a different, tantalising, torturing array? Eat them of course!

In addition, the pastries are to die for, the seafood is splendid, the fresh sweet, orange juice has followed us on every bar, the Sangria has done the same. The fruit and veges are of great quality.

I am not a food photographer, streets are my scene – but I had to snap. This post is all about food, food, glorious food.

# Death by food – Spain

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Yikes – we are expanding, that bread, crunch through that gorgeous outer layer into the heaven of white stuff, dip in oil/spread with butter/jam/cheeses, hams/whatever. How many olives can we eat at one sitting, will just looking at the pastry shops make us fatter? Stay tuned.

Girona is just the best. Beautiful mediaeval city and we are doing it justice. “Duet” is doing well on the roads and we have investigated the surrounding countryside on day trips.

On one of our many directional errors we came across the beloved French icon, the Deux Chevaux – a rally of them no less. Bring on those directional errors!

# More Majorca – on and off the beaten path

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Still walking but reaching the end. The port of Soller and its blue water was a welcome presie – golly gosh it’s hot – much more than expected. Loving the food and will include images just to remind ourselves somewhere down the track. Still in awe of the street sights!

# Walking in Majorca – seriously!

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Little did we know- walking meant serious hiking. We signed up for a walk. The idea was to walk between villages for 6 days with delight of delights, the bags being ferried for us. So we were left to toddle with excellent maps, walking sticks, water and lunch. the plan -Banybafor to Esporles to Valdemossa, to Port de Soller to Soller. Some of the best Majorca has to offer.

No toddle, up mountain goat paths, hot, stony, above the tree line but worth it. The effort is translated as license to feast on Spanish goodies from tapas to almond cake and everything in between. There are not many images of the actual trails as we are too busy navigating and really, the best images come from the strange sights we see in the streets.

Tourists come here for the sun and thus must wear gear for that purpose or not wear gear. Are there some sights – we are left open mouthed. The people parade is fascinating. The villages and their dry stone walls, pale, delicate ochres, and fruit trees are captivating. There is also time to pop in to local markets, check out the cheese sections in the supermarkets and drink lots of coffee on terraces under grape vines!

# Majorca, Palma Streets

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A magic city, easy, friendly, the old city with lanes that narrow so a car has about a 2cm clearance on either side, dog heaven, shopping heaven. The tourists are coming and we dread to think what high season would be like. The shapes of the tourists is as fascinating as the architectural sites. And what tourists wear because they are now in a warm climate is a sight to behold in itself. All redeemed by quick  access to fresh orange juice everywhere not to mention a glass of sangria.

Did I mention Miro? A feast! The Miro Foundation in the suburbs of Palma is so worth a visit. Miro had 2 studios here, complete with water views, contemplative gardens, intact studio and a gallery housing rugs, prints, painting, sculptures and an ambience to die for – you can guess we loved it – oh yes, comes with a coffee shop.

Palma cathedral was on our list to see the Gaudi pieces – a grand cathedral – huge – our dose of cathedrals.

Bangkok Streets

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A stop over on the way to Spain and what a stop over. Gotta love this place. There is not  a moment when an emotion is not aroused, the bold, the beautiful, the ugly, the curious (try car headlights with eyelashes), the smells, the kindness, the poverty, the wealth it’s all here.  8 million people in this city with approximately 5 million cars – where have all the tuck tucks gone? Guess.

Bangkok Streets

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Bangkok Streets.